Agnes Janich: Till Death Do Us Part

July 31st, 10 pm, the Square at the Mleczarnia café and the White Stork Synagogue, ul. Włodkowica 5, 50-072 Wrocław

(collaboration: the Bente Kahan Foundation)

Till Death Do Us Part, a part of the series devoted to the extermination; it is supposed to break the spell cast on the Synagogue, which comes back to the city after 78 years from the Crystal Night. The performance and the sound installation were born after visiting 19 concentration camps, meeting 80 survivors, and reading about 500 diaries. Till Death Do Us Part is a collection of stories about Love just before the Extermination. “I feel guilty and disgust to myself because I don’t know whether I would choose to be gassed to death just to spend one more year with my beloved man. I’m impressed by the stories. The performance with white pigeons is a surprise. There was a time when the two people I loved the most were «inmates of concentration camps». I become numb when I see German inscriptions at the cemetery, a German balcony or fascist architecture. When I walk hand in hand with somebody – then it’s all right, but when alone – it’s not. I get to know people from Silesia and … if they do something for somebody else, they do everything on time and Ordnung muss sein, then I think: «like every Nazi, right?». I would like to change it. I believe in forgiveness. But to learn how to forgive, one must admit they have a problem. I hope I’ll see a man as a man. Without the burden of the history.”

Agnes Janich

Agnes Janisch - born in 1985 in Łódź; she lives and works in New York and Warsaw. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts. Her work is organized in subjects – including chronologically: Dolls, War, Love and now Family. In her film and sound installations, photographs, performances, sculptures and acts of art in public space she concentrates around the issues of remembrance of the body, remembrance of the history and violence. She exhibited her works for example at the 9th Biennial in Sharjah (“the most ambitious work of the biennial”), at Zachęta in Warsaw, Kusthalle Exnergasse in Vienna, MLAC in Rome; she created performance art pieces with the Auschwitz Jewish Centre, a division of the Jewish Museum in New York City and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków. Two monographic catalogues will be published in 2011, combined with the collections of critical essays about her artistic output. Agnes Janich is represented by Galerie Charim in Vienna.


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