Industry Accreditations

Sale of industry accreditations for 10. ERA NEW HORIZONS International Film Festival will begin on April 26, 2010 at www.enh.pl.



  1. The sale is organised by the NEW HORIZONS Association (1, Zamenhofa St. 00-153 Warszawa).

  2. Accreditations will be granted to representatives of the film industry.

  3. The industry accreditation entitles you to admission to all the film shows at the 10th ERA NEW HORIZONS IFF upon prior reservation. The accreditation does not cover the opening and closing of the festival. Furthermore, the accreditation entitles you to discounts on tickets for special events (silent movies with live music, concerts, performances), catalogue and other publications indicated by the organizer.

  4. The industry accreditation is programmed for 55 admissions. Attention! To enter a show, it is necessary to reserve a seat.

  5. Industry accreditation holder can reserve only one seat for a given screening at a given hour

  6. Industry accreditation holder is not allowed to reserve more than one seat within a specific hour bloc on the particular day. An hour bloc means screenings held at intervals of no longer than 30 minutes, e.g. 9:45, 10:00 and 10:15 make a single hour bloc.

  7. If it is not possible for someone to appear at the reserved showing - the reservation should be cancelled. Cancellation is possible until 15 minutes before the commencement of the show.

  8. Failure to cancel the reservation according to the procedure defined in paragraph 8 and absence from the screening results in the subtraction of 5 admissions from the industry accreditation.

  9. A current portrait-style photo of no more than 2 MB should be attached to an order for a industry accreditation. The photo will enable identification of the accreditation-holder. Failure to attach a photo or attaching a photo, which doesn't allow identification of the person requesting the accreditation, will invalidate the order.

  10. If an accreditation is granted, it will be confirmed by e-mail within 4 days of the day the order form was filled out.

  11. Industry accreditations are registered - they are issued with the name and surname of the person who ordered them.

  12. Industry accreditation cannot be assigned to another person.

  13. Industry accreditation cannot be returned.

  14. Price of an industry accreditation is PLN 300 (VAT included). The sale starts from 25th April until 22nd June.

  15. Payment for the industry accreditation should be transferred to the organiser's bank account within 24 hours from submitting the application (the decision depends on the date of payment by the person ordering).

  16. We do not accept transfers made by post (postal orders).

  17. Applications without payment will not be considered.

  18. If the industry accreditation is granted, a notice will be sent by e-mail to confirm it within 7 days (from the day the payment is entered in the organiser's books).

  19. The purchased accreditations can be collected at the Industry Office in Puppet Theatre (Plac Teatralny 4) in Wrocław, starting from 15.00 on July 21, 2010.

  20. No copies of accreditations will be issued.

  21. The organiser reserves the right to end the sale at any moment without giving any reasons.

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