Katarzyna Żelaska: 19th Pitch

Galeria Miejska, ul. Kiełbaśnicza 28 Wrocław, wernissage on 23 July 8 pm

In Paris in the 1980s, studying “computer art”, Katarzyna Żelaska was worried about the imbalance between fascination with new technologies and solution of problems of artistic nature and she resolved to remain faithful to traditional methods. Nowadays, painting pictures, she thinks in a digital way. Her latest work is a projection in a gallery of a sort of hypertext. Inspired by the process of making films, she uses a range of elements to create an environment, software, ready to accept potential narrations, built each time by the viewer. The whole - which looks like a random sketch in one moment and like a disciplined piece of art subjected to an idea that needs to be revealed – is framed by video recordings which announce the beginning of a story in one place and its end in another. Between them, in the time and space, there is an abstract, geometric game. Its participants are two basic sequences of images, video recordings, photos and Derivatives, realistic images of objects related to filmmaking. The artist attempts to answer the question on how audiovisual art may inspire painting nowadays. She presents a contemporary open work of art – a three-dimensional visual intellectual model.

Agnieszka Szeffel


Katarzyna Żelaska

Born in 1950 in Warsaw, the Polish artist, who has lived in France since the end of the 1970s, graduated from the Painting Department of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and the University Paris 8 – Vincennes. She made the films Projektowanie formy w przestrzeni (1973) and Płonące samoloty (1982). During her studies, she presented her works together with Prom group she co-founded (1974-1977). She participated at multiple collective and individual expositions in Paris. The 1990s were the time of her frequent stays in California, which inspired her cycle Nieba Made in California. Her works of different periods converse with artistic traditions (Próby stylu, Barok for Ever), interpret symbolism of commonly used visual signs (Wybierz swój symbol, Piekło i niebo), touch on personal experience (Requiem, Drzwi do raju, Smutek ciepłych krajów).

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