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Trzynasty miesiąc. Kino braci Quay Ed. Kuba Mikurda

In connection with the Brothers Quay retrospective at the 10th IFF Era New Horizons, two young critics, Kuba Mikurda and Michał Oleszczyk (authors of Kino wykolejone. Rozmowy z Guyem Maddinem, Kraków 2009) made a series of talks with Quay Brothers and discussed successive films in their oeuvre, and asked about film, literary, painting and music inspirations. The interviews by Mikurda and Oleszczyk are complemented by critical essays by such authors as Marcin Giżycki, Piotr Dumała, Jakub Momro and Adriana Prodeus. Texts are accompanied by parallel visual narration which includes photos, sketches, collages and additional graphic material. Trzynasty miesiąc is the first such extensive presentation of works by the Quay Brothers in the world.

Quay Brothers (born on 17 June 1947 in Norristown near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), identical twin brothers, creators of film animations, TV commercials, and stage and film set designers. Directors of two feature films (Institute Benjamenta and The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes) and numerous animation shorts with the most famous being the adaptation of Bruno Schulz’ short novel Street of Crocodiles.


Inventorium of Traces. Jan Potocki at Łańcut Castle

Quay Brothers, Małgorzata Sady

Polish, English, French

Zamek w Łańcucie, 2010

CD Quay Brothers Inventorium of Traces (producent: Serafiński Studio, 2009)

In 2008, Brothers Quay made their Inventorium of Traces at Łańcut Castle. It was supposed to be a short film and so it was (24 min). Looking for a method to distribute the short film and transfer it to another medium and for finding another point of view, they came up with the idea of creating a "cinematographic" book. The brothers chose photography, constructed a model of the book, set a few pages (chose a type and typographic concept). I wrote four texts, about the castle, Jan Potocki (film protagonist), the film itself and Brothers Quay. The book is written in three languages, in Polish (as it is ours), in English (as it is the Brothers') and French (as Jan Potocki wrote in French). It contains a full index of Potocki's works presenting the diversity of his achievements and opinions about him; also, it shows the reader how he was. Brothers Quay graduated from book graphics in Philadelphia and then in London, so they designed the book; and this no coincidence either.

Małgorzata Sady

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