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Dear Pass-Holders,

The 10th edition of the Era New Horizons festival has changed. We would like to show the changes to those who were there with us in previous years as well as to those who have joined us this year for the first time. We hope that the new system will not cause any problems for anyone, that it will allow you to easily plan your time and to get more pleasure from participating in the festival.

As we already told you, this year you are able to reserve seats for screenings for the first time; thus, everyone knows which film they certainly get to. You do not have to queue only to go empty-handed and then hurriedly look for another screening to again wait under stress to get to another room.

A pass for 55 points

A pass is planned for 55 points. One point corresponds to one reserved film. You can see a maximum of 50 films at the festival.

When and how to reserve

To get to a screening, you have to make a reservation. You can do this from 00:00 on the day preceding a screening. For example, if you plan to go to the screenings on 23 July, you can reserve them on 21 July at night, or more precisely after midnight on 22 July.

Reservations are possible until a screening starts, using a simple application at www.enh.pl/r, on any computer, whether at home or at work or on a laptop, in any place with access to the net. Moreover, we have provided computer stands for this particular purpose at all festival facilities; thus, you can even reserve a seat in between screenings. You can also make reservations using a mobile phone with Internet access. A simplified version of the application www.enh.pl/r is available to do this.

In addition, you can make reservations while browsing Internet sites of the festival programme www.enh.pl ; pass holders see icons at every screening, in the place of the basket icon which allows buying a ticket, to enable them to make or cancel reservations.

We know that not everyone uses a computer on a daily basis. Therefore, there are volunteers who are ready to assist you step by step in doing this, if necessary.

Login and password

To do anything we are telling you about, you need a login and a password. For those who already have an account at our website www.enh.pl and have done shopping through it, their login and password is the same as that used to log in at our website. Those who do not have an account but have had it as they were purchased/given their pass will have a login generated that will also be printed on their pass. Upon first logging in to the website, you are asked to enter your password that is not known to anyone but you.

Changing a password

We ensure that those who forget their password get a new password. They have to go with their ID card to the computer stand service point. Upon your request, you have your account reset to be able to create your new password at first logging in.

Cancelling your reservation

And now we have a very important note. If you are not going to go to a screening that you reserved, cancel your reservation. If you fail to do this, the system deducts 5 points from your pass. Although you can see as many as 50 films at the festival, every pass is planned for 55 points. We allow for the situation that anyone can forget to cancel their reservation one time only. The additional 5 points allow you to break the rules once only without consequences. However, you can cancel your reservation up to 15 minutes before a screening. You do it using the same application you used to make it (www.enh.pl/r).

Last minute queues

This year, we are introducing last minute queues. At the time when a screening starts, you are able to buy a ticket for screenings that have had their reservations cancelled. At Helios, there are three separate box offices. You can find information on which screening tickets are sold on notice boards standing next to the box offices intended for last minute sales. The tickets are on sale for not longer than 5 minutes. Similarly, at other places, at the time when a screening starts box offices sell tickets only for a screening that is about to begin. A condition for selling tickets is that seats are available for the screening.


For last minute queues to make sense and the reservation system to work properly, we are strict in following the “we aren’t late for screenings” rule.

If you have lost your pass

If you have lost your pass, report this immediately at the Box Office Centre which is in Mediateka at pl. Teatralnym 5 in Wrocław, as with all other problems related to your pass. We hope, of course, there will be none.

What are "tags"?

Tags allow you to prepare your own convenient schedule of showings. You can attach coloured tags to showings you choose by clicking on them.

Tag colours have these meanings:

  • green must-see
  • yellow maybe
  • red steer clear of

You can fix the tags to other showings too. You can add a short description to a tag, such as a note about the film. Other users will be able to read your note if you leave the option "Tag description visible to others" on. You can also learn how many and what sort of tags have been added by other users to a film. Tagged films will be then highlighted on film lists when you look through the programme. You will be able to see a list of tagged films by choosing the option "My films". You must log in to add tags.

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A retrospective of Brothers Quay, the authors of such films as The Institute Benjamenta and The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, will be presented at the 10th IFF ENH.

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