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Dream dir. Kim Ki-dukDream dir. Kim Ki-duk
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22 Aug 10
Kim Ki-duk's Dream on "Five Flavours"

It has already been announced that the opening film of the 4th "Five Flavours" Film Festival (26.10 - 1.11 Warsaw, 2.11 - 19.11 Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław, Katowice) will be the Korean Dream (Bi-mong - 2008) by Kim Ki-duk, a director who is well-known to ENH audiences. One can mention his Bin Jip (2004, 5th ENH), or films which were part of the showcase of South Korean cinema (4th ENH): Bad Guy (Nabbeum namja - 2001), Samaritan Girl (Samaria - 2004), The Isle (Seom - 2000), and later The Bow (Hwal - 2005), Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom - 2003). In the introduction to this series, Piotr Kletowski wrote that in Kim Ki-duk's films you can easily find the philosophical credo, characteristic of all Korean cinema, which analyses the sense of human suffering in a suggestive way, "(...) presenting often the cruel, merciless, even disgusting aspect of human existence, but only to make the audience ask themselves the questions: What does it all serve? What is the sense of all this torment? Is there a place for love and goodness left in this world?"

In Dream Kim Ki-duk uses his usual, expressive and formally beautiful style to involve his audience in a play of dream and reality. The main character, a young man, seems to be a fugitive culprit of a car crash, but the dramatic event turns out to be only a dream. Moved by the realism of his vision, the main character reaches the crossroads from his dream to discover that the accident has actually happened, caused by a girl who maintains that she was asleep by then. An extraordinary relationship develops between the sleepwalker and the man, and as a result his dreams filled with longing for his old love dictate the girl's behaviour in real life.

At this year's "Five Flavours" Festival we will also see films from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. The Festival will start with a series of Korean films - Taste of Korea, co-organised by the Korean Culture Centre. Besides South Korea, the main axis of this year's festival will be Singapore. There will be a presentation of films by the world's most recognisable representative of this cinematography - Eric Khoo (including My Magic and Be with me), as well as works by lesser known artists and debutants.

As every year, film screenings will be associated with a rich programme of cultural events, including photography exhibitions, meetings with artists, lectures, concerts and a travel fair.

4th "Five Flavours" Film Festival

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