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fot. Łukasz Gawrońskifot. Łukasz Gawroński
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04 Aug 10
The faces of Roman Gutek on festival photographers' cameras

ENH Festival Director, Roman Gutek, just like the film directors invited to the festival, took part in photographic sessions prepared by festival photographers. Here is a comment by one of the session makers, Łukasz Gawroński:

"Roman Gutek, the most popular propagator of ambitious world cinematography in Poland, due to his innate modesty did not want to pose for photos. He explained that he did not match the group of eminent film directors that he had invited to this year's festival. We pointed out to him that the event he has organised for as long as ten years, first in Cieszyn and now in Wrocław, resembled in its grand scale an international film production, of which he is the director, producer and screenwriter. Finally, Roman Gutek - a powerful man with a gentle facial expression and temperament of the same kind, unexpectedly revealed his acting abilities to us. Without a shadow of protest, he involved himself in the proposed ideas, ensuring that the result was more than satisfactory. An anecdotally I can mention that our model had no problems in wearing an "M" sized tee-shirt. This can be confirmed by that reliable photographer of Gazeta, Adam Kozak, who with an inevitable camera in his hand observed the session".

The photographers plan to publish an album with portraits of the ENH festival guests and they assure us that it will certainly contain a photograph of Roman Gutek as a central figure.

fot. Maciej Kulczyński






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