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ENH Tit-Bits
25 Jul 10
Roy Andersson's You, the Living in Dwutygodnik

The tragicomedy You, the Living by Roy Andersson (director of Songs from the Second Floor), which featured in the NEW HORIZONS International Competition in 2007, was rated among the jubilee ENH Golden Ten (Złota Dziesiątka ENH), selected recently by audiences in a vote for the best films in the history of the festival. According to the director, this is a story about a man, his greatness and futility, happiness and sadness, self-confidence and fear. It is about somebody we want to laugh and cry with. This view of humanity, full of absurdity, sometimes hipnotic and sometimes ironic, strikes the viewer forcefully, showing a world balancing on the verge of madness. The film has been released on DVD.

Jakub Socha's comment about the film in "Dwutygodnik":

"In contrast to other prophets of the apocalypse, Andersson does not moan or blame anyone. He'd rather concentrate on people trying to get out of the mud by pulling one another's hair, because he knows that even though it may be a fruitless action, it is often funny".

Jakub Socha: Żwirowisko. Do ciebie, człowieku Roya Anderssona

(Dwutygodnik 35/2010)

You, the Living in the programme of the 7th ENH

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