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16 Jul 10
Famous Wrocław heat – how to deal with it during the festival

For the last two weeks Poland has been experiencing an unexpected heat wave. Weather forecasters shyly predict cooler weather in the second part of July; however Wrocław – as we very well know – has always been the heat pole. When thermometers run out of scale we should remember a few rules.

First, drink a lot – water, juice, tea – but avoid strong coffee which causes dehydration, if you need a coffee always accompany it with water.

Around noon spend time in the cinema; walking at this time of day around the heated city might not be such a good idea. If necessary, cover your head and remember to take a bottle of water. Alcohol, especially in the middle of the day and in high temperatures, can lead not only to collapsing but also to other serious health consequences; it also causes sleepiness and the latter is the least desired state during your favourite festival.

In the heat simple upper respiratory infections (runny nose, sore throat) occur more often as well as more serious diseases (e.g. pneumonia). This is connected with the improper use of air-conditioning, the difference in temperature of the air-conditioned room and the outside should be 6-7˚C. A bigger difference can lead to a “thermal shock” and subsequently to illnesses. Please remember that festival venues are air-conditioned. If you come dressed lightly you can be cold. So take a light sweater or a shawl to the cinema. It might be best to also take a fan – in case of air-conditioning failure.

This year for the first time we would like to invite you to Plac Solny where the festival tent will be located, with a beach in the Turkish Riviera style and a café. Among the palm trees you will find deckchairs, windbreaks and beach chairs to rest in between screenings, have a cold drink and cool down using the sprinkler prepared especially for that purpose.

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